Luminary Collection

Luminary jewellery from TP Goldsmiths“There was this large world of rolling time and shifting spaces, and that small, stilled world of horror and unease; they fit inside each other, a sphere within a sphere.”
The Luminaries, Eleanor Catton.

  • Silver Clouds
  • 'The Crown' Keys
  • The Hook
  • Fleur De Lis Ear Hooks
  • Eleanor Neck Piece With Sphere Pendant
  • Sphere And Pearl Earrings
  • Ted, coin stg cuff links (1)
  • The Key on The Quay
  • The Quay chain
  • Hooks n Flora
  • Hooks n Pearls
  • Sphere  Pendants
  • Planetary Ring Amethyst, Diamond
  • Planetary Ring
  • Planetary Ring
  • Planetary Ring Cornelian Diamond, Pearl
  • The Balfour Ring
  • Planetary Ring
  • Planetary Ring
  • Planetary Ring
  • Hooks & accessories
  • Keepsake 3 in 1 Pendant
  • Nugget Quay Link Bracelet
  • Keepsake 3 in 1 Pendant

Inspired by Eleanor Catton’s novel “The Luminaries”, this is a range of jewellery that will evolve as we travel through the story. Nine carat red gold represents the era, 18 carat yellow gold for the alluvial gold of the gold rush days and the silver portrays our changeable weather. Anna, one of the characters, inspires the colours of the gems with the dresses that she wears.

‘A Sphere within a Sphere’ is the first chapter where we come to know Revell Street and the town of Hokitika as it was born. This is just the beginning of an epic tale of colourful characters, tenacity, twinship and hidden things.

Revell Street, Hokitika c.1910

Revell Street, Hokitika c.1910

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